Friday, October 2, 2015

Oregon shootings: anti-Christian

Oregon shootings: anti-Christian

Recently at Umpqua Community College in Oregon an evil person murdered nine people.  As the bodies were hitting the ground Hillary Rotten Clinton (Bill’s wife Hillary Clinton) exploited the tragedy for her political advancement.  Note Hillary is a Democrat.

Later in the day President Obama (Democrat) also exploited the event for his political agenda.  Both Hillary and the President blamed the tragedy on guns.  As if the gun decided to commit the murders totally void of any human involvement. 

The murderer sought Christians to eliminate.  Blame the gun or the accelerated anti-Christian fervor in the United States?  Within the last forty years the pervert thespians in Hollywood have engaged in a protracted war on Christians.  Many television shows and movies harbor a subliminal if not an overt anti-Christian message.  They either ridicule Christian beliefs or assign sinister if not evil intentions to their religious beliefs.

Joining in this coordinated attack are the militant atheist in academia, and the Christian bashing indoctrinators masquerading as teachers in the public schools.   With all these anti-Christian messages being forced upon the American public it is a miracle such tragedies are not a frequent event. 

Do not blame the gun, but assign shared responsibility upon the militant Atheist who have hijacked popular thought in the USA.  Ultimately the murderer is responsible for his evil actions.

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