Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Thank you Sea Shepherd for fearing me

Thank you Sea Shepherd for fearing me

Sunday, October 26th, 2014 San Diego, California:  Sea Shepherd had their new vessel the R/V Martin Sheen docked conducting free tours.  These brave defenders of the seas fearing me, this little guy from Texas refused to let me board their vessel.  They telephoned their so-called “captain” Ms./Mrs./or Miss Oona Layolle of France.  Per the crew member it was her who made the decision to fear me the little guy from Texas and not allow me on board.  Such brave defenders. 
The night before a prominent animal defense group in Los Angeles, the LCA, “Last Chance for Animals” held a huge sit-down dinner with over 400 in attendance and had no problem with us being there.  We were invited to attend.  These good people are not cultist and do not fear opposing views whereas Sea Shepherd cultists fear opposing.  “Sea Shepherd” must be French for “pathetic.”     

Link to Last Chance for Animals – LCA:

Link to Sea Shepherd’s announcement about tours on the R/V Martin Sheen “open to the public:”

Sea Shepherd’s link to the M/V Martin Sheen:

Link to Texas Daddy store:
Sea Shepherd R/V Martin Sheen "open to public" tours
Shocked over being rejected by Sea Shepherd R/V Martin Sheen

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