Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dirty rats versus dirty humans

Dirty rats versus dirty humans

The Santa Fe National Forest in New Mexico has placed 224 acres and 200 miles of river shoreline off limits to humans.  Ignore this order and suffer a $5,000 fine.  In politically correct America the Stupid, rodents enjoy greater freedoms than humans. 

The Meadow Jumping Mouse was placed on the endangered species list (there around 70 of these
rodents) according them privileges to be enjoyed which are denied to their human counterparts.

The National Forest Service was established around 1915 to preserve the land for future generations.  In 21st America those “future generations” exclude humans and include rodents.    

The National Forest Service is “Caring for the land and serving the people” to be updated with “…….and serving the rats.”

Federal order closing off the area to humans:

Map showing the areas closed to humans:

Forest Service order closing the areas to humans:

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