Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sea Shepherd, riddled with depravity

Sea Shepherd, riddled with depravity 

Many among Sea Shepherd, their supporters, and minions masquerade their unadulterated hate towards the nation and people of Japan as compassion for the dolphins and whales.  The level of hate harbored by these wretched souls reveals itself in the many comments they soil social media with.
Below is a recent correspondence exchange with Barbara via Facebook:

Barbara Kapunkt wrote:

Hey Tony, I do not really care wether the animal tormentors coming from Japan or Faroe Island. I think they`re all twisted and sick. Same for their supporters. Here`s a statement of you in one of your videos: "You treat others the way you would like to be treaten by others" ...well then, how would you find that somebody ramming a metal stick up your ass or down your blowhole...which is the nose in human just to mention...your fellow tormentors believe this is something they can make some sexistic jokes about. Pathetic!

My reply:

Dearest Barbara, I am aware replying to you is a total waste of time; however it still may prove to be entertaining.  Your type has provided me with endless laughter and entertainment, and for that I am grateful.  Because of that I pray your type will continue to pollute the earth at least for the rest of my life time. 

You are so bold with the comments you leave here on Facebook, yet you are in hiding.  Why?  Looking at your Facebook page it illustrates nothing about you, basically a blank page.  That is exactly what the terrorist do when they hide their ugly faces behind those ski masks.  Those of us who have no problem with the harvesting of dolphins or whales do not hide who or what we are.  That is because we are not cowards and stand firmly behind what we believe. 

It is also interesting how most of your type have to peak up from the gutter to express yourself with your potty mouth.  It is rather coincidental you wrote me because I made a YouTube video about two of your challenged Facebook comments.  I should post it later today (it is now 5 AM in Texas).  Since you seem to be geography challenged Texas is in the United States of America on the North American continent, Western Hemisphere, planet Earth, Milky Way galaxy among God’s heavens. 

Shall I address your humorous message to me?  Sure why not.  The term “treating others as you wish to be treated” the “others” is in reference to humans not all living entities.  Because to include all living entities would then mean one should not own pets, such as dogs or cats.  One should not employ horses as beast of burdens.  By all means one should never extinguish a bug or rat found in the home. 

I understand this extrapolation is alien to you; however ignorance does not negate its validity.

Please have a nice day as you contributed to my day being a wonderful one.   


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