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Glendale City Council Comfort Women statue issue

Glendale City Council 
Comfort Women statue issue

Review of the address to the Glendale City Council meeting in California on October 21, 2014.  Here is the transcript:

“I am here about your statue for the Comfort Women issue that you memorialized in one of your parks.  That statue is being perceived in the nation of Japan by the people of Japan as an insult and a slight to their honor. 

Now I understand that your intentions were noble to memorialize the events that took place from 1932 to 1945.  However recently a new group of Comfort Women have come forward in South Korea claiming that they were forced by the government to serve from 1950 to 1992.  So the City of Glendale has an opportunity now to demonstrate to the nation of Japan and to the Japanese people your consistency and that the original statue was not placed there as an insult or slight to the nation of Japan.  So perhaps you may want to consider placing a second statue for that second group of Comfort Women.

However then were does it stop?  A second statue, a third statue, a fourth statue, so that’s an unreasonable request.  So perhaps the marble slab next to the current statue can incorporate the second group of Comfort Women.  This way you are memorializing all the Comfort Women that were forced into this situation as denoted by that statue, and then you are also demonstrating to the nation and people of Japan that you are not bashing them it’s not a slight upon their honor that there is consistency here.

I have traveled extensively throughout the nation of Japan and I spoke at many conferences.  I’ve authored five books in Japan with a sixth one coming out next month, and I’m constantly asked by the people of Japan from middle school students to politicians to surgeons if that statue is tarnishing the image of Japan in the United States.  It’s a very big concern and I try to reassure them all the time that your image in the United States has not been tarnished.

So you also have the opportunity to support this to the people of Japan that your intentions were noble, were consistent and you want to demonstrate further you consistency.  Thank you.”  

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Glendale City Council Comfort Women statue issue
Comfort Women marble memorial next to Comfort Women statue Glendale California

Glendale California marble slab next to Comfort Women statue

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Hi Tony.
North korea alleged that over 1,000,000 sex slaves captured by ** United States army **.

What a bad guys! We have to build 5 more statues in Glendale :)