Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sea Shepherd minion targets Taiji children

Sea Shepherd minion targets Taiji children

Sea Shepherd’s fugitive Watson on his Facelessbook (Facebook) page wrote in reference to a pending typhoon to hit Japan, Typhoon Phanfone.  In his Excellency’s writing he wished for the total destruction of “killing boats,” and “slams full on, into Taiji, Japan.”

Watson claims he did not wish for any harm to people in Japan, just the Taiji dolphin industry.  Logically if one wishes for “A” it is reasonable “B” will happen.  For a typhoon to be severe enough to wipe out the boats in Taiji, that same typhoon can be expected to also cause injury if not death to humans.  Wish for “A” and you will also get “B.”

The insidious aspects of his writings are the comments left by his supporters / minions:   

One person wrote:
“So you really want it to destroy the city.  What about the children who live there?”

The reply by a minion was:
“And sorry to be blunt, but the children in Taiji are the next generation of murderers.”

This is the true face of Sea Shepherd; let the children die to save the dolphins.  You support Sea Shepherd; you then support this type of reprehensible writing.

Watson’s Facebook hate:

Two videos about Watson’s book “Earthforce:”

Videos of Sea Shepherd’s reprehensible behavior in Taiji, Japan:

Link to Texas Daddy store:
Sea Shepherd Paul Watson Facebook minions wrote

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