Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Democrats, the Ebola-Crats

Democrats, the Ebola-Crats

The mid-term elections in the USA the Ebola-Crats (Democratic Party – DNC) should be voted out of office from dog catchers to senators.  In a press conference President Obama (Democrat) stated those American health-care workers who return from Ebola areas in Africa who have direct contact with the victims will be allowed to return to the USA without being quarantine.

Mr. Obama also stated those U.S. troops in those Ebola nations will not have direct contact with the victims however when they return they will be in 21 day quarantine. 

Basically per the President / Ebola-crats – Democrats, if one has Ebola contact, no quarantine.  No Ebola contact – quarantine. 

Come this election vote for a Democrat / Ebola-crat and vote against the health and security of the United States of America.  Vote Democrat at your own peril.

Twenty-one day quarantine for U.S. troops in Ebola areas:

Italy upset U.S. troops from Ebola areas will be quarantine in Italy:

Two articles - The Obama regime planning to bring non-citizens to the USA for Ebola treatment:

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Democratic Party the new Ebolacrat Party

President Obama, Democrat or Ebolacrat?

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