Sunday, October 12, 2014

Facebook friend limit, an apology

Facebook friend limit, an apology

I have been receiving many Facebook friend request and unable to respond to all of them.  Facebook places a 5,000 friend limit and I am currently at the limit.  As “friends” drop off, I am able to add new ones.  However that is a very slow process.

While I was in the Faroe Islands I received multiple messages and friend request.  I apologize I was not able to accept all the friend request due to Facebook’s limit.

There is a group page titled “Propaganda Buster Fan” page where one may go to stay abreast.  I simultaneously post on “Propaganda Buster Fan” page what I post on my Facebook page.   

Link to my Facebook page:

Link to Propaganda Buster Fan page:

Link to Texas Daddy store:

Facebook "friends" limit

Facebook "friends" limitation   

"Propaganda Buster Fans" Facebook page

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