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Sea Shepherd’s disposables

Sea Shepherd’s disposables

People are nothing but disposables for the criminal cult leader Cosplay Watson of the floating circus Sea Shepherd.  In the past when certain people are of no use to him, he simply disposes of them.  Some of disposable victims were:

Ady Gil:  Mr. Gil spent well over 1.5 million dollars for a vessel Sea Shepherd used in their anti-whaling campaign against the Japanese in the Southern Ocean.  The vessel collided with a Japanese whaling vessel, slicing off the nose of Ady’s vessel.  While performing a theatrical attempt to tow the vessel it is reported Cosplay Watson gave the order to scuttle it.  Since he no longer had Ady’s vessel, Ady was disposed, scuttled, deep sixth. 

Pete Bethune:  Mr. Bethune captained the vessel Ady Gil.  After it was sunk, under orders according to Mr. Bethune, Cosplay Watson ordered him or condoned him boarding the Japanese vessel to issue a bill or something concerning the sunken vessel Ady Gil (The vessel “Ady Gil” was named after Ady Gil).  Pete was detained and brought back to Tokyo, incarcerated, and released after a trail.  Once a free man without a vessel he became of no use to Cosplay Watson, so he was disposed. 
Melissa Sehgal:  Melissa is a self-proclaimed animal communicator to creatures both alive and dead.  For a few seasons Melissa was a “team leader” of Sea Shepherd’s land team, the Cove Guardians (accurately referred to as the “Cove Coward Guardians) in Taiji, Japan.  At the beginning of a dolphin season Melissa arrived in Japan, was refused entry, and deservingly deported.  No longer allowed in Japan, she was of no use to Cosplay Watson, so she too was disposed of.

The South African Female:  This thing was a team leader of disposables in the Faroe Islands.  She was arrested, fined, and deported.  No use to Cosplay Watson, she just disappeared. 

The Moroccan Female:  She was the lipstick on the pig, meaning she was a beautiful stunning female giving the pig of an organization the aesthetics they desperately need and needed.  For some unbeknownst reason she too disappeared.  She was part of Sea Shepherd’s Faroe Islands land team in 2014.  Cosplay Watson got married on February 14, 2015.  It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out why she was disposed of.  Can you say “Rusinovich,” Cosplay Watson’s wife?

Scott West / Flea Face:  He is one horrible, despicable person.  For a few years he led Sea Shepherd’s operations in Taiji, Japan.  He was in Taiji when the disposable team behaved is some of the most reprehensible harassment towards the Japanese locals.  When asked why did behaved like that, he is reported to have said, “because it is fun.”  Once in the Faroe Islands he boasted he would stand between a whale and a knife to protect the whale.  When the slicing up of the whales began, he was a continent away is safety.  It is rumored he had a disagreement with Cosplay Watson on the cult group’s operations.  Soon afterwards he too was disposed of.  Infidelity towards the floating circus cult leader, Cosplay Watson would not be tolerated.     
Not only did Cosplay Watson dispose of humans, he turned to disposing other creatures.  First he disposed of the whales and dolphins in the Faroe Islands to be slaughtered.  Then he announced Sea Shepherd will no longer sail into the Southern Ocean to disrupt the Japanese whaling fleet.  Then he announced Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians will no longer travel to Taiji to document for the world the dolphin activity. 

He disposed of this clients the whale, and the dolphins.   

What happened to their other boasting:  “We will forfeit our lives to save the whales.”

He claims he has new tactics.  Perhaps the new tactics not the save whales / dolphins, but to get suckers / emotional wrecks to continue sending him money. 


“….the Ocean dies and when the Ocean dies, we all die!”

Criminal Cosplay Watson’s attempt to justify his abandonment of the dolphins in Taiji:

Criminal Cosplay Watson’s attempt to justify his surrender of the whales in the Southern Ocean:
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