Sunday, September 3, 2017

Fear of a banana peel

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Fear of a banana peel

Yep, another video worthy of being placed on the playlist: “America the Stupid.

The University of Mississippi euphemistically referred to as “Ole Miss,” recently experience a bananaphobia event.   There was a fraternity retreat (Greek Life retreat) held at Ole Miss.  Three women who were participants walking on the grounds were startled, panicked, and frightened.  What caused this behavior?  They saw a banana peel in a tree!  Perish the thought!

Subsequently the person who was responsible for the offending banana peel came forward and said he did it and why.  While walking he was eating a banana.  When finished he could not locate a receptacle to discard the offending peel, so he just tossed it up in the tree to avoid littering the grounds. 

As a result the University canceled the event.  In the land of America the Stupid as simple banana peel in a tree could cause such a ruckus.   

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