Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Gotta love Texas and not the looters

Gotta love Texas and not the looters

I was born an American, an Italian by heritage, and a Texan by choice.   

Hurricane Harvey in Texas brought out the best in the human experience.  Seeing heroic acts by many was very inspiring and proud.  As in all natural disasters in the USA there are a few bottom-feeders who crawl out of the sewers to loot. 

In the devastate areas signs were posted that read in effect: “You loot we shoot.”  In addition a sheriff in a flooded county advised would-be looters if you come to his country to loot you may leave in a body bag.  After stating the occupants of his county are well-armed. 

If all the guns that are in Texas were to be divided evenly among every person in Texas that would come to nine weapons a piece. With statistics like that, there are those incorrigible who will loot.  Some engage in “home invasions” knowing there is a very strong possibility the occupants of the home are armed and ready to use.  In essence as they break into the home they are saying, “Hey here I am, clean the gene pool.”  

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