Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Japan’s sense of community

Japan’s sense of community

This video was inspired by a video from Dan Kang “DK the Human.”  It is a short video where he sums up Japan with three words, “mindfulness of others.”  That video is used in this video as it clearly explains the humanity of Japan.

Some people claim the reason for Japan’s sense of community being mindful of others is due to their society being around 98% homogeneous.   That may be a contributing factor however nowhere near the main reasons. 

The United States is culturally diverse and void of any sense of community or “mindfulness of others.”  That has nothing to do with being a multi-cultural society.  The responsibility for this defect can be traced to popular entertainment out of Hollywood and the re-educators masquerading as teachers in the Public Schools (indoctrination centers). 

Hollywood movies in the last forty or so years portray an America where no one is accountable for their actions.  An America where the individual comes first before others.  The public schools push diversity instituting the students identity is with their heritage, not with the USA. 

Contrast that with Japan where being considerate of others and the community is part of their educational system.  Popular entertainment also promotes these qualities in the movies and television shows.           

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Unknown said...

hi,mister tony! I saw you first time yesterday on YouTube and I have become a fan of you. I would like to introduce one short story"rashomon" which is Japanese novel written by Akutagawa Ryunosuke. so it discribe changing human dignity. I'm sorry suddenly but this video makes me remembering this book and thought.
I pray for you and please continue to upload pleasant video. I'm looking forward it from Japan REARLY!!!

Tony aka: PropagandaBuster said...

Thank you for your very nice comment.