Friday, September 8, 2017

Paul Watson / Tony Marano televised debate

Paul Watson / Tony Marano televised debate

Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson recently announced his group will no longer challenge the Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean and no longer document for the world the dolphin harvest in Taiji, Japan.  At each point in his surrender to the Japanese he noted they will be developing new tactics to save the whales and dolphins from the Japanese.

Tony / Watson  debate 
Mr. Watson how about this tactic?  People in your organization in the past have stated many of the average people in Japan have no idea of the activity in Taiji and the Southern Ocean.  Perhaps Sea Shepherd should develop a new tactic to inform the average Japanese of these activities.  Here is where I am willing aid and assist Mr. Watson develop and execute this new tactic.

How about Paul Watson and I have a televised debate in Tokyo?  I am sure it will be on a nationwide television channel.  During this debate Mr. Watson can regurgitate in figures and dubious facts.  Perhaps then at the conclusion of the debate he would have won over the hearts and minds of some of the Japanese populace. 

Perhaps then Shun will buy you a vegan dinner in Japan.

Watson disposed of his clients the whale, and the dolphins.  

What happened to their other boasting:  “We will forfeit our lives to save the whales.”


“….the Ocean dies and when the Ocean dies, we all die!”

Watson’s attempt to justify his abandonment of the dolphins in Taiji:
Tony Marano / Paul Watson debate

Watson’s attempt to justify his surrender of the whales in the Southern Ocean:

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