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Sea Shepherd abandoning dolphins, Cosplay Watson’s clients

Sea Shepherd abandoning dolphins, 
Cosplay Watson’s clients

On Sea Shepherd’s global webpage (see link below), Criminal Cosplay Watson wrote a commentary dated September 1st, 2017 titled “Sea Shepherd must adapt to more effectively defend dolphins.” 

This was his announcement Sea Shepherd will no longer be sending Cove Guardians (Cove Coward Guardians) to Taiji, Japan to document for the world the dolphin harvesting.  He surrendered the dolphins.  The criminal is hallucinating again.  He wrote this only five days after abandoning the whales in the Southern Ocean to the Japanese whalers. 

With all this surrendering by the cult leader of the floating circus they in essence replaced their black flag featuring a skull with the white flag of surrender. Their Facelessbook page “Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians” has been deleted to impress their abandonment of the dolphins. 

Once again in Cosplay Watson  hallucinates as he did when he wrote excuses for abandoning the whales in the Southern Ocean, he claims the following for the dolphin abandonment:

-          This year Japan has demonstrated that they are willing to subvert freedom with the passing of new draconian laws……”

-          Other groups may be able to continue to monitor Taiji without consequences and we wish them the best of luck and hope they are not persecuted as our volunteers have been in recent years.

Could this pathetic human be that out of touch with reality?  Examine:

“….new draconian laws…”  What new laws?  How come he did not mention the laws with reference to their title or what is written within to prohibit them?  Perhaps that information did not come across in his hallucination.  

“….persecuted as our volunteers have been…”  Really?  Is he trying to make his minions / suckers / emotional wrecks believe the Cove Coward Guardians have been persecuted by Japanese authorities just for being in Taiji?  Truth is the few that have been persecuted over the past seven years broke laws which would have been a violation in any country.  One was a German national who vandalized a statue.  This was unintentional, however he still vandalized the statue.

Cosplay Watson and his disposable minions on many occasions claimed the whales / dolphins are his clients.  Then that means he is abandoning his clients.  He and his misguided associates claim if the oceans die, we die, and if the whales go extinct the oceans will die.  By abandoning the whales / dolphins did he just write a death sentence for humanity?  

What happened to their other boasting:  “We will forfeit our lives to save the whales.”

He claims he has new tactics.  Perhaps the new tactics not the save whales / dolphins, but to get suckers / emotional wrecks to continue sending him money.  


“….the Ocean dies and when the Ocean dies, we all die!”

Criminal Cosplay Watson’s attempt to justify his abandonment of the dolphins in Taiji:

Criminal Cosplay Watson’s attempt to justify his surrender of the whales in the Southern Ocean:

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