Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Help Sea Shepherd replace their “stolen” vessels

Help Sea Shepherd replace 
their “stolen” vessels

The criminal cult leader of the floating circus is making another appeal in a long line of never-ending request for money from their sucker minions.

His Excellency is requesting €200,000 Euros ($225,280 USD, ¥27,150,541 Japanese Yen) to replace four of their small boats seized by Faroese authorities.  This appeal was precipitated after authorities seize a zodiac the cult group calls “Spitfire.”  The Spitfire was involved in illegal activity in the Faroe Islands.  Occupants of the craft used it in an attempt to interfere with a Grind (whale harvesting).  While the craft was speeding in the waters to avoid legal authorities, the occupants of the Spitfire maneuvered the zodiac slicing the backs of some whales.

No doubt this illegal slicing of the backs of the whales caused them excruciating pain by a so-called animal rights group claiming compassion for Watson’s clients, the whales. 

As of this writing Watson’s contribution to this money appeal has been €500.00 Euros.  Understandable as money is needed to maintain his luxurious life style in Paris, France.

The criminal cult leader on his Facelessbook page wrote the following in reference to the dolphin capture activity taking place in Taiji, Japan:

“….including to the eyes of millions of Japanese who still are not aware of what is happening and shaming them in their own country.”

Yes there is “shaming” in Taiji, Japan and the “millions of Japanese” are aware of it as the “shaming” is the behavior and activity of Sea Shepherd’s Cove Coward Guardians (Cove Guardians).      

Criminal Watson’s Facelessbook page:

Sea Shepherd’s link appealing for the money:

Link to Sea Shepherd’s website to donate money:

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