Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Cecil the lion is dead, so?

Cecil the lion is dead, so?

American dentists Doctor Walter Palmer shot a lion in Africa and the emotional wrecks around the world went ballistic, the moaning and outrage continues as of this writing (the lion was shot on July 1st, 2015, this writing created September 8th, 2015).

I challenge you to stand next to a lion without a barrier protecting you or any restrain on the lion.  That lion will pounce upon you and tear you apart without any provocation.  Lions are vicious beasts.

Now stand next to a cow under the same circumstances and what happens?   Nothing, the cow will either look at you or continue chewing its cud.

Thousands of cows are put down a day around the world and not a word of protest from these lion lovers.  Put down one vicious lion and they react with pure insanity.      

Wikipedia on Cecil the beast (lion):

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Lord of Mirkwood said...


When initially I watched your videos and saw your stuff on Japan, I respected you as a strong advocate of the Japanese people and of the U.S.-Japan friendship. But I've since realized that you are just another conservative who does not care about animals at all. (Yes, I am an environmentalist animal-rightsist Bernie Sanders supporter, if you want to know). So if lions killed a human, it's a tragedy, but when the reverse happens you're okay with that? If we want to talk about savage beasts, humans have killed far more through warfare than lions have.