Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Did Ric O’Barry join Sea Shepherd?

Did Ric O’Barry join Sea Shepherd?

Mr. O’Barry as of yet has not behaved like a bully as his counterparts in Sea Shepherd are known to conduct themselves.  However recently Ric O’Barry has performed as a cry-baby a noted default of Sea Shepherd. 

Ric O’Barry wrote in part on his Facebook page:

Sea Shepherd cry baby
“……….. I was asked if I would come back to the police station tomorrow at 1300 hours for a three hour (minimum) interrogation. The reason I'm posting this online is because I am afraid of the police at this point. They arrested me a few days ago and tortured me for more than 24 hours. This was not torture by beatings it was by all night interrogation even though there are no charges against me. Now they want me to come back to the police station to be tortured again. If you do a Google search of Japanese prison systems you will see what I mean. Here's one of many articles which exposes the brutality of the Japanese jails and the reason I am refusing to voluntarily be interrogated again………..”   

Being questioned is “torture?”  Sea Shepherd is famous for their cry-baby routine and now it seems as if Mr. O’Barry has copied that tactic from the criminal cult group.  Mr. O’Barry did go to the police station and was questioned.  He was released and as of this writing freely travels around the Taiji area.  No torture, no deportation, and now as before a free man in Japan. 

Sea Shepherd bully
Could Mr. O’Barry be that much of a coward that he feared questioning?  Doubt it.  Was that fear posting an attempt to garner sympathy from his followers which could possibly translate to donations?  Will the gentle Ric O’Barry attempt to copy the bullying tactics of Sea Shepherd?  Please Mr. O’Barry do not adopt the criminal cult group’s bullying as that is not your style.   

Whatever the reason his behavior was Sea Shepherd-like and that is not a good thing.  His Sea Shepherd behavior only soiled him and his beloved Dolphin Project group.  Mr. O’Barry would be better served to be Ric O’barry and not to mimic the criminal cult group.    

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