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Dolphin Project Ric O’Barry again

 Dolphin Project Ric O’Barry again

Ric O’Barry of the Dolphin Project and “The Cove” enjoyed accommodations at the expense of Japanese taxpayers.  Mr. O’Barry while in Japan was drinking with some friends.  Afterwards he left and proceeded to drive when someone reported to the police Mr. O’Barry was drinking and now driving.

The Japanese police pulled Mr. O’Barry over and he tested below the legal limit on a breathalyzer.  When asked for his passport, he did not have it with him.  The absence of a passport resulted in his arrest.  Mr. O’Barry was released the following day.

Ric O'Barry disabled vehicle
Soon afterwards Mr. O’Barry was driving and got his vehicle stuck over the edge of a road.  He apparently was distracted or miscalculated the edge of the road.  A mistake many drivers can fall victim to, however considering the past few days have not been kind to Mr. O’Barry who seems to not have been too kind to  the people of Taiji.  Karma anyone?  

Prior to these events on the Dolphin Project’s web page appeared a photograph with Mr. O’Barry and two Japanese gentlemen.  One of those two is the mayor of Ito city in Japan.  The caption under the photograph read:

“Breaking News:  On August 28, 2015, the Mayor of Ito city, Mayor Hiromi Tsukuda appointed Dolphin Project Founder/Director Richard O’Barry official “Ambassador of Ito City” (population 71,000) which includes the town of Futo.”

One problem:  That never happened.  The picture may be accurate; however the caption is in error.  Upon contacting officials at Ito City it was confirmed Mr. O’Barry was not appointed anything.  Just prior to this writing that photograph along with the captions disappeared from the Dolphin Project website.  However it can be located on the PropagandaBuster blog site. 

As of this writing two disposable minions belonging to the cult group Sea Shepherd have been deported from Japan.  The disposables entered Japan attempting to make their way to Taiji, Japan as part of Sea Shepherd’s Operation Kenkaku (Operation Metamorphosis). 

The first disposable Karen Hagen from Norway thought she would out-smart Japanese authorities.  The previous two Sea Shepherd operations were led by a commissar named Dave (David).  Dave is not a disposable minion he is one of the cult groups elites.  In the cult group there are in order of prestiege and importance the following:

1 – The Superiors (such as the criminal cult leader and Flea Face).
2 – The elites (they serve on the rust bucket garbage scows and some as ground team leaders).
3 – The disposables (they are not good enough to serve in the first two groups.  Their role is to elicit donations from suckers due to their questionable behavior).

Dave was ordered not to go to Taiji this year because they feared him being deported.  To replace Dave the woman from Norway was selected to be a disposable to face being deported.  The Norway disposable thought she would be able to out-smart the nation and people of Japan.  Remember she is from Europe and historically trash from Europe have thought of themselves to be at an advance level higher than those in Asia.

She went to South Korea to the city of Busan.  From Busan she boarded a ferry to Fukuoka, Japan.  Thinking by going this route she would avoid Japanese airport immigration where others have been deported.  Really?  When the ferry docked in Fukuoka, Japanese immigration officials intercepted this superior European from Norway and deported her.  Ha ha ha ha.

Soon afterwards another disposable named Linda Trapp from the USA arrived at the airport in Osaka, Japan and was detained for deportation.  Ha ha ha ha.  

Kren Hagen and Linda Trapp deported
With each deportation the criminal leader on his Facelessbook page bemoans the deportations are a result of the Japanese attempting to hide what is going on in Taiji, Japan.  Really?  If that is so then how come for the past seven years or so Sea Shepherd has been allowed to roam around Taiji with impunity and allowed to interfere with business?  They were and are allowed to photograph, video, and live-stream without any interference from Japanese authorities.  To claim the Japanese want to hide the activities in Taiji is a pure hallucination and meant to invoke the emotions of the sucker minions to gain further donations.   

Also if they Japanese are attempting to hide the dolphin activity in Taiji, question how come Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project group is allowed in Japan and to date no deportations announced? 

Travel from Europe or the USA to Japan is expensive.  The cult group expects the disposable minions to pay for their own travel expenses.  Except for the disposable ground team leaders, their travel expenses are paid for by the cult group and by extension by the suckers who continue to donate. 

Ric O’Barry arrested:

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Ric O'Barry and disabled vehicle

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