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Animal Rights harm African lives

Animal Rights harm African lives

American dentists Doctor Walter Palmer shot a lion in Africa and the emotional wrecks around the world went ballistic, the moaning and outrage continues as of this writing (the lion was shot on July 1st, 2015, this writing created September 13th, 2015).

I challenge you to stand next to a lion without a barrier protecting you or any restrain on the lion.  That lion will pounce upon you and tear you apart without any provocation.  Lions are vicious beasts.

Now stand next to a cow under the same circumstances and what happens?  Nothing, the cow will either look at you; continue chewing its cud, or walk away dropping poop for you to step in.  

Thousands of cows are put down a day around the world and not a word of protest from these lion lovers.  Put down one vicious lion and they react with pure insanity.  The situation is now compounded.

An article appearing in The Dallas Morning News the Sunday, September 13th, 2015 edition reprinted from The New York Times illustrates the damage caused by these vicious lion apologists.  The article headlines “Trophy hunting ban hits Botswanans ‘ livelihoods.”

Caucasians from the west saw fit to impose on Africans their value system in reference to animals on the African continent.  A form of 21st century tacit imperialism disguised as compassion for the animals.  The trophy hunts are now banned in Botswana depriving the inhabits of resources.  The hunts provided money for the Africans as guides and other related services.  The meat left behind by the unwanted trophy’s carcass provided free meat.  Money from the hunts provided scholarships, toilets, and various other forms of health and sanitary improvements.  No money now equals to no improvements.  Also no meat in the diets of many.

Without the beast being culled they now are rampaging through the land.  By day elephants ravage farms eating and stomping on valuable crops.  At night lions and other beast attach livestock creating fear among the residents. 

Remember never judge liberals by the consequences of their actions, they are to be judged by their good intentions no matter the devastation they cause.

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