Friday, November 19, 2010

Sea Shepherd attacking Taiji Japan AGAIN

The cowards of Sea Shepherd are once again in Taiji, Japan harassing the middle class fishermen. The cowards of Sea Shepherd are not harassing the descendants of Vikings in the Faroe Islands, who harvest whales. So these She Shepherd cowards travel to Japan to exploit the passivity of the Japanese people.

At the end of the day when these She Shepherd cowards finish harassing the good people of Taiji, the must go somewhere to eat and to some hotel to sleep. That is when and where the people of Taiji should peacefully protest the girly men cowards. Protest where they eat and sleep.

Note: My usual background in this video is void of the usual clutter. This is due to major renovations taking place in my home and I am preparing to vacate that room and temporally move my computer working into another room.


RG10007 said...

I think that the Japanese people are stubborn, selfish and lack the independence from one another to stand up for what they believe in. They are killing the dolphins because they say it is their culture. That is a lie. They do not consider the facts about the situation. They know that dolphins are loaded with mercury, but they don't care. Hey, get brain damage. You deserve it for not listening and continuing to do your own stubborn thing. You don't care about overkilling and overtaking what the ocean has to offer, all you care about is yourselves. YOU ARE the ONE'S who LACK courage. YOU don't have the courage to change from your old ways, nor do you have the courage to ADMIT you are wrong. Look, over 150 countries and over 2 million people do not agree with you. I REFUSE to buy any Japanese products.

RG10007 said...

The Japanese are the COWARDS. They have no sense of compassion for anyone else but their selfish selves. I hope that a huge 250 Tidal Wave wipes them out it will be no loss to humanity, because they are not humane. I am sick of hearing about their cultural basis for killing dolphins. It is a lie and cruel and inhumane to kill and eat dolphins. God rules, so he will eventually get rid of the Japanese people, who yelled and screamed at Ric O'Barry, gave him the finger and just lied about the research in "The Cove." We outnumber you guys. Over 150 countries dislike you and I am NOT GOING to Buy ANY Japanese Products until you come around to OUR way of thinking.