Sunday, November 21, 2010

PETA running scared from opposing comments

Link to the CaspianReport:

Another video in a series discussing the hypocrisy of liberalism. Sea Shepherd had a contest where people were asked to submit a video detailing why they should be selected to be on Sea Shepherd’s crew. Entrants were asked to submit the video as a video response to the video announcing the contest. They would not even allow my entry to post as a video response. Further proof liberals and Sea Shepherd types are ill-equipped to address, handle, or deal with any opposing. The free exchange of ideas is only limited to their ideas.

Remember now this is the same organization where their admiral of the fleet, Admiral Beauregard Watson proudly displays the flag of the Confederate States of America. A flag these liberals classify has a representation of racism, hatred, and slavery.

P.E.T.A – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, continues with the liberal racist motif. They have been in front of Madison Square Garden in New York City during the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, wearing white robes and pointed hoods of the KKK – Klu Klux Klan. Here we have PETA another so-called animal rights group celebrating the KKK, a racist organization.

Try to leave a comment on PETA’s YouTube channel, and it must be approved first before being allowed to post:

Another glaring example of liberals who profess tolerance while having no tolerance. The political correct tactic of censoring opposition has its roots in Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Union - USSR. During the 1960’s in colleges across the USA, students held sit ins on campus demanding “academic freedom.” They wanted to be allowed to express their anti-war (the Vietnam War) views on campus without repercussions.

These demonstrators went on to earn their degrees, BA, Masters, and PhD’s. After earning these advance degrees they then returned to the universities and colleges as professors, administrators, and indoctrinators. Once in place, then then instituted political correctness which suppressed opposing political views totally ignoring their earlier demands for “academic freedom.” Further hypocrisy on the part of liberals.

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