Saturday, November 13, 2010

Japanese Coast Guard office, hero to Japan

Michael Azarraga (azarragamichael) YouTube channel link:

The video taken by the Japanese Coast Guard of the Chinese fishing vessel purposely ramming the Japanese patrol boat was withheld by the government. However it was leaked, posted on YouTube and televised all over the Japanese television media.

The Japanese government was determined to locate how leaked this video and punish him for doing so. The government confiscated Google Japan (Google owns YouTube) to determine the IP address of the person.

No need to look any further. Chief Mate Masaharu Isshiki of the Japanese Coast Guard, patrol boat Uranami PC24, (5th Sea Area Coast Guard Kobe Headquarters) confessed to his office that he leaked the video. He released it at an Internet cafĂ© in Kope, Japan, where he created the YouTube channel Sengoku38 “SGK38.”

People all across Japan view Chief Mate Isshiki as a national hero, a 21st century Samurai, a modern day Choshu Five. If the pressure becomes too unbearable from the government, perhaps Mr. Isshiki should come to the United States where people who lead government documents are heroes as it has become a national sport.

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