Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A child of immigrants from India complains about racism at USA airports

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A column appearing in The Dallas Morning News, written by a young lady, a child to parents who migrated to the United States from India. The bulk of her column is dedicated to some sort of extra security precautions, measures she recently had to endure at an airport. She attributes this extra attention from airport security due to the dark color of her skin a result of the “aftershocks” of 9/11 and of course racism.

She writes 9 years after 9/11 this still continues. Huh? Does she know something we do not know about the terrorist? Did the terrorist after nine years from 9/11 stop trying to wreak havoc in the United States?

In reference to the terrorist she ends off by asking, “I am as different from them as any 5-foot-8 white male. So why me?”

Answer: Yes you are different than the while male, mainly because you are female, he is a male, like it or not, there is a difference. While both are equal and in a civilized society must be treated equally, while both being different.

You are also different because you refuse to accept the fact the USA and the world is not the same place it was on 9/10/2001 as it became on 9/12/2001. You are also different because you have fallen victim to identity politics. Face it; all are subject to the same level of security you lamented about. Do not like it? Then do not fly. See how simple that was.

Link to the column discussed in this video:

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