Thursday, July 10, 2008

China hallucinating humiliation?

There was a column written by April Rabkin, currently a free lance columnist living in Beijing. A column by this columnist recently appeared in The Dallas Morning News, titled, "A victory for nationalism." It was a well balanced column expressing the pride the people of China are experiencing due the summer Olympics in Beijing for 2008. Then about the middle of the column appeared this:

"In junior high and high school here, two semesters of history instruction focus on the humiliation of China by Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Russia and the United States during the last centuries."

This is rather curious since the United States of America is only 232 years old. During the 1700's America was too busy establishing the republic. During the 1800's America was too busy expanding, fighting a Civil War, and moving Native Americans off their lands. So the humiliation experienced by China from the United States of America (USA), must have happened in the last century, the 1900's. Shall we examine that humiliation? The USA sent American a pilots, crews, and planes to help the Chinese battle an invading army. Was that the humiliation? Perhaps it happened during the Korean War, when China captured thousands of American POW's, tortured and brainwashed them. Was this a humiliation for China? Maybe it was the visit to Mao by President Richard Milhous Nixon. The visit which led to the end of the Cultural Revolution tearing up China, and the visit which brought China out of isolation. So what that it? Or perhaps it was that evil American corporation Wal-Mart who help China dismantle whole factories in the USA and shipped them to China.

Sorry no humiliation, just propaganda by the communist towards their junior and high school students. Very reprehensible, if the columnist was in correct.

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