Friday, July 4, 2008

President Bush 4th of July, 2008

On July 4th, 2008, President of these here United States, President George Bush was at Monticello, Virginia. The occasion was the swearing in ceremonies for 76 new American citizens. It was a proud and joyous day for these new American citizens and their families.

With this joyous occasion as a backdrop, the Code Pink Pinkos decided to interrupt this event thus showing a total disregard for the new American citizens and their families. The slime of Code Pink Pinkos were chanting anti-war, anti-Bush balderdash. Debris like Code Pink Pinkos, Greenpeace with yellow back, and the girly-men children play pirate for Sea Shepherd have a total disregard for the causes they leech on to. Their main concern and focus it publicity.

These cretins are abusing freedom of speech with a reckless abandonment of any responsibility that comes with that freedom. People in Canada, and the United Kingdom are currently being prosecuted for their use of free speech when speaking out about Muslims and homosexuals. The Constitution of the United States guarantee our right of free speech to ensure the persecution of free speech as is taking place in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands, hopefully will never happen in the United States.

Per the July 4th, 2008 editorial published in The Dallas Morning News, the following are being persecuted for free speech:

British Columbia, Canada: Mark Steyn published an essay critical of Islam in a magazine, Maclean. The write was charged with violating Canada's hate crime laws.

Alberta, Canada: The Rev. Stephen Boissoin, it was ruled, had broken Canada's hate speech laws by criticizing homosexuals.

Ontario, Canada: The Human Rights Commission ordered a Christian ministry to abandon its statement of faith as discriminatory against gays and to send employees to diversity training.

France: Brigitte Bardo was fined $23,000 for violating hate speech laws when she complained about the Islamic practice of slaughtering sheep.

United Kingdom: A teenager was arrested for calling Scientology a "cult."

The Netherlands: Arrested cartoonist Gregorius Nekshot on suspicion of incitement to hatred and discrimination for cartoons alleged to be anti-Muslim.

The Netherlands: Police brought in for questioning the proprietors of a website critical of multiculturalism to explain comments left on their site.

Is this what we want in these here United States?

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