Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hoover Dam, never again

In the 1930's in the middle of a desert between Las Vegas, Nevada, and Phoenix, Arizona, on the Colorado River, a huge dam was built by the Federal government. This was an enormous project as a city had to be built to house the workers and the Colorado River had to be re-routed to build the dam. All this took four long grueling years. Then some fifty years later the same government decided to build a visitors center at the dam. This took nine years, more that twice the time it took to build a city, re-route a river, and build a huge dam. Thus illustrating once more that liberalism is a mental disorder. Due to liberalism environmental impact studies were required, mountains of government regulations and dozens of agencies to seek approval from. Plus the unions who donate generously to the Democratic Party. All of these evils were not present in the 1930, thus allowing the dam to be constructed without interference by humans. The government of these here United States was established in part to promote interstate commerce. Modern day liberalism has seen this as meaning to play interference in business, making it monumental to conduct business in this nation, once a democratic republic.

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