Friday, July 11, 2008

"Whale Wars" against Japan by The Discovery Channel?

The cable television show, "Animal Planet," owned by The Discovery Channel produced a documentary and/or mini series titled, "Whale Wars." They hired RIVR Media to film the documentary. During the 2007 -- 2008 whale hunt season, they traveled on the garbage scow owned by Sea Shepherd, Captain Kangaroo, crewed by Cabin Boy and his girly-men play pirates on the high seas. The development executive for Animal Planet, Charles Foley was asked why the Japanese prospective was omitted. He first replied they doubted the Japanese would cooperate. Then changed it to, "we didn't have time." Which is a lot of hooey. This is just further proof that liberalism is a mental disorder and fair and partial journalism in the United States of America (USA) does not exist. China deserves a big applause by all who desire a free press for throwing CNN out of their country.

This documentary is another example how the news media in America could care less about reporting the truth and facts, and is only interested is imposing their agenda on the rest of the nation, the rest of the world.

This slanted and bias documentary made no attempt to explain the cultural significance of whale hunting to the Japanese. The liberals who claim to be all inclusive only cared to examine this issue from a Western perspective, which is elitism.

The good people of Japan should be fore-warned that The Discovery Channel and Animal Planet are no friend to Nippon.

Other examples of despicable journalism in the United States: CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and the Associated Press.


starbird said...

You are wrong.

You are stupid.

You are biased.

You are evil.

And you're still ugly. In every conceivable way.

David said...


I enjoy your coverage of the crazy anti-whaling propaganda. It's thoroughly transparent. I also read Japanese message board sites from time to time too and have often seen many Japanese people posting quite complementary comments about your good self.

My pet peeve is the recent anti-whaling propaganda myth that there is no market for whale meat, especially with reference to Japan. I live in Tokyo, and splash out on a bit of whale from time to time myself, and am certain that the shops aren't stocking this product for my benefit.

This propaganda has been based on a notion of increasing levels of whale meat stock held, i.e., increasing stock levels must mean less people want to eat it.

But, hello? What if levels of supply have increased? Would it not be expected that the levels of stock held would increase?
This is exactly what happened.

See for example, the size of the whale meat stockpile relative to the size of the stockpiles in Japan for beef and pork:
There is hardly any whale meat in Japan, relatively speaking.

I have much much more in excruciating detail:

Keep up the propaganda busting!

takasito said...

I think your assessment of 'whale wars' is rather weak. Just another hysterical westerner fringe dweller freaking out really.
I was going to say you remind me of the 2 kiwi loons david and Jonathan --- BUT then david posted.

Talk about speak of the devil. This is turning into a right little reunion of Shandwick, Tele-Press and Omeka.

But that said you write to interest an audience, and if you can make an impression on them. Thats cool, thats what freedom is all about.

But I have to say I find your stance in defence of Japan difficult to connect to a motive.

Is it just that whales are a shared resource and as start the perfect canvas to discuss any other topic against?

Is it because in the whale game every one can play?

Do 'westerner' (read members of UN) really want to protect whales just to annoy Japan?

Jbuze said...

I think you're mad at The Discovery Channel . What you fail to realize is the Japanese are whale Hunting ilegaly. The people on the Sea Shepperd boat are their to stop the Torture. You're rant has no Merrit whatsoever.

Hollywood said...

Sea Shepperd is a terrorist organization that attacks international legal commercial industries and should be arrested and jailed! And I think that is what any sane rational person should take away from the Whale Wars show.

proxysix said...

hey buuuudddyyyy

help us stop the sea shepherd

Anonymous said...

id like to add that i agree that the documentary is bias, whether or not the japanese are right or wrong.