Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Congressional Democrats, throw the bums out!

Well fellow peasants it is time for us to grab out metaphoric pitch-forks. The United States government recently gave us peasants a stimulus package consisting of checks anywhere from $300.00 to $600.00. The treasury was empty to support this largeness, so the money had to be borrowed from a foreign government to be paid back with interest. Then because of the high price of oil Americans use that money to purchase gas thug sending the money to Middle Eastern nations who support groups out to slit the throats of Americans.

Now the Democrats in Congress are talking about another stimulus package from the same empty treasury. The monarchies in Europe use to open up the treasuries to give money to dissatisfied peasants like us. But a least the money was in those treasuries, whereas our treasury is empty.

The nation is screaming about the price of oil and the Democrats refuse to allow additional drilling stating more oil will not bring down the cost of oil. Huh? Do these socialist Democrats not understand a simple capitalist practice of supply and demand? Then to help increase the supply of oil rather than allow additional drilling, the Democrats want to increase the gasoline tax by an additional ten cents per gallon. According to them dar Democrats raising the price of gasoline by ten cents will solve the gasoline crises. The Democrats never met a tax they did not like. They no longer represent America as they are not controlled by the extreme far left fringe in the United States, and the rest of us be darned.

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