Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Only the best U.S.A. beef for South Korea

The South Koreans have been protesting the importation of beef from the USA (United States of America) due to their fears of mad cow. Also due to the agitation, instigation, and organizing by the political left, communist leaning, anti-American cowards. These cowards are exploiting the fears and concerns of the good people of South Korea.

A butcher shop in Seoul sold 900 pounds of USA beef in one day. Which is a clear indication there is a market in South Korea for USA beef. The opposition only has to do with anti-American and anti-free market mobs. This same butcher shop has received threats for selling USA beef which was clearing marked and advertised as USA beef. Why are the forces in South Korea who want to deny the people of South Korea to make a decision for themselves whether they want USA beef or not? Can you say Stalinist who hates America?

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