Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Anti-capitalist masquerading as environmentalist

The environmentalist in these here United States true intend is not the protection of wildlife or the environment. Their hidden agenda is to destroy capitalism. They are successfully prohibiting the USA from drilling our own oil. They are aided by their willing followers in the Democratic Party who control the Congress. The current oil drilling and oil pipeline in Alaska has proven to be successful and friendly to both the wildlife and environment in Alaska. With this success in mind, the environmentalist and the Democrats refuse to all any oil drilling in Anwr, Alaska. By doing so continuing to keep the United States economy held hostage by despot regimes we must import oil from. Also, the continuation of producing Ethanol which is essentially shoving food in our gas tanks.

Recently huge oil deposits have been discovered the in western states of Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, and Utah. In the region lives a bird called the sage grouse. Currently the United States government has a protective radius of the bird's habitat of one-quarter radius. This bird is not on the endangered species list, yet the government of the United States is abusing its authority by creating this protective radius. Now to anti-capitalist groups, North American Grouse Partnership and the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership are suing to increase that radius from one-quarter of a mile top two miles. Effectively shutting down new oil drilling and exploration in the western states. Once again with the goal of negatively impacted our economy.

We need to vote all the bums out of Congress!


田园树 said...

I am a Chinese civel reporter,a university student.
I like your commentaries on current affrairs.
I love free press!

fecturgo said...

Yeah, man. I'm totally with you.

All these enviros. That's really their hidden plot. Their main goal is to destroy capitalism. They sit and plot how best to harm their own economic best interests (as well as yours). It's one big conspiracy theory!

It's amazing that they would actually be interested in destroying capitalism. Most of them benefit from it. Most of them outwardly support it. But in there back rooms and secret places, they actually intend to bring down the system! There is a sworn allegiance to destroy capitalism.

All this mish-mash talk about the environment. Don't believe it for a minute. These people don't care about the environment! There is something much more sinister that they are plotting -- yes, the destruction of capitalism! All those wierdo hikers and bikers. They don't *actually* like to hike in the woods. They just go there so they can secretly plot how to bring down the USA.

I have some tape recordings I made of one of these secret meetings by these people that claim to "care about the environment". What these tapes will blow your mind. Don't let any one of them, even for a moment, tell you that they want to stop oil and gas development for nature's. No no. Wildlife is not what they're really interested in. It's utter destruction of an economic system.

The size of this conspiracy is truly amazing. Millions and millions of them, pretending to care about animals and clean lakes. If they had their chance, though, you can be darn sure they'd choose dirty lakes and the destruction of capitalism.