Sunday, June 29, 2008

South Korean demonstrators anti-USA beef or just anti-USA?

Around 15,000 people in Seoul, South Korea held another round of massive demonstrations masquerading as anti-USA beef, and anti-South Korean President Lee. When in fact these communist inspired demonstrations are just plain old fashion anti-American demonstrations.

The demonstrators held signs and placards printed in English. Now why would people in Seoul demonstrating against their government carry signs written in English. Some of the signs read in English, "We don't need US Troops." What does that have to do with being anti-USA beef? Also while these demonstrations were taking place there was already USA beef in South Korean being prepared for distribution though out south of the 38th parallel. Plus the agreement has been changed to only import USA beef that is under 30 months old, a major demand of the demonstrators. So why the demonstrations against the beef if their demand were met? Can you say, "anti-USA?"

Since they are anti-USA, perhaps we should boycott South Korean products. The web link below list all companies from South Korea exporting to the United States of America:

We need to demonstrate free trade means free trade.

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