Tuesday, June 3, 2008

South Korea mad cow at the USA

Recently close to 40,000 South Koreans protests in Seoul, South Korea concerning the importation of beef from the United States of America. There has been an embargo in South Korea of American beef since 2003. 2003 was the year one cow was found to be affected with mad cow in the state of Washington. While the United States took extraordinary steps to ensure the containment of this contamination has been successful, the embargo remained. Newly elected South Korean President Lee Myong-Bak lifted the ban which caused the demonstrations.

Are these 40,000 people concerned with mad cow or is it more being used as a vehicle to manifest their anti-American feelings? Perhaps the American troops currently stationed in South Korea to keep the 38th parallel and below free from Dear Leader, Kim Jong-Il of the North, should return home to the United States?

This mad cow thing was five years ago, how about we go back 58 years when close to 36,000 Americans lost their lives to keep the Southern part of the Korean peninsular free from the communist and Dear Leader.

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bogie49 said...

Thank You! I'm an American currently living and teaching in South Korea. I happened to find your videos, and have totally enjoyed watching your videos on the beef issue. Most of what you say is the same thing as what I think! Once again thank you!