Saturday, June 28, 2008

Japanese Samurai wake up Sea Shepherd is calling

The Sea Shepherd recently announced plans to sink the Japanese whaling industry financially. The Sea Shepherd is preparing to harass the Japanese in this up coming whaling season with an operation called, "Operation Musashi." Using a desecrated flag of Japan as their symbol. Captain Kangaroo, Cabin Boy, and his merry girly men plan to play pirate again this whaling season. They plan to purchase another ship and add a helipad to their garbage scow. Where is the Japanese Navy (JSDF)? The Canadians did not tolerate the illegal activities of the Sea Shepherds Farley Mowat, nor should Japan continue to endure harassment by a band of children acting as girly men on the high seas. The nation of Japan should get in touch with its Samurai heritage, and peacefully defend their nation's honor and their nation's whaling industry from these international thugs.


starbird said...

When will you ever learn? When will you stop bad-mouthing people who have done nothing more than save lives? When will you stop defending evil and start defending the defenseless?

Japan doesn't own the whales.
There is a moratorium on whaling.
Japan is whaling illegally.
Japan is whaling illegally in a sanctuary.
Japan has tons of whale flesh in their freezers.
Japan doesn't need to kill sentient beings who are far more intelligent and sensitive than you.
Whales are warm blooded.
You have ice running in your veins.
Japan should kill you instead.

There is no defense for Japan. They are in it for the money. Period. That's all folks. They lie, cheat and steal. They have no right to kill whales.

If anyone is a girly man it's you. You sit on your ass and name call from the comfort of your chair, yet you have done not one thing of value, or saved one life in the whole time you've been consuming resources and taking up space on earth. And you're ugly too.

While in Santiago, Chile for the 60th Meeting of the International Whaling Commission (IWC), Sea Shepherd Conservation Society officially announced plans to return to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary to once again oppose illegal Japanese whaling activities. Sea Shepherd is represented at the IWC by Captain Paul Watson, Founder and President of Sea Shepherd, and the Honourable Ian Campbell, former Minister of the Environment for Australia and current member of Sea Shepherd's international Advisory Board.

This year's campaign, Sea Shepherd's fifth campaign to Antarctic waters, will be called Operation Musashi in reference to the legendary Japanese strategist, Miyamoto Musashi. Musashi's Book of Five Rings included the approach of the Twofold Way of Pen and Sword. Sea Shepherd's goal is to send two fast ships to the Southern Ocean with the purpose of continuously keeping the Japanese whaling fleet on the run.

"We intend to sink the Japanese fleet economically," said Captain Watson. "Our strategy is to prevent whales from being killed, to force Japan to spend money on fuel without killing whales. My crew and I will not watch whales die, we will not bear witness to the cruel slaughter of a single whale without risking our lives to prevent its unlawful and cruel murder. If the members of the IWC refuse to act to save the whales, then it is up to us to take this fight onto the high seas where we will prevail in the next season even more successfully than we prevailed in the last season."

The name Operation Musashi was chosen to reflect Sea Shepherd's approach of aggressive, yet nonviolent, confrontation and the increasing global awareness of Japan's ongoing illegal whaling activities; thus the crossed feather pen and katana (sword) under the skull with the imbedded sperm whale and dolphin yin-yang symbol. The Banzai flag background gives reference to the ecological imperialism that Japan is committing against the whales of the Southern Ocean.

Miyamoto Musashi (1584-1645) was the greatest samurai warrior, strategist, and tactician of all time and is a personal role model and hero of Captain Watson, who incorporated Musashi's ideas into his book Earthforce! An Earth Warriors Guide to Strategy. Sea Shepherd intends to transform Setsuninto - the sword {harpoon} that takes life - to Katsujinken - the sword {harpoon} that gives life. Sea Shepherd's ship, the Steve Irwin, will be outfitted with a very special harpoon for this year's campaign.

Sea Shepherd is not a protest organization. It was established in 1977 to intervene against the illegal exploitation of marine life in accordance with the principles of the United Nations World Charter for Nature. However, as with all Sea Shepherd campaigns, all strategies and tactics are designed to avoid any physical injury to the whalers.

"We have never injured a single person in our 31 year history," said Captain Watson, "and we intend to keep that record unblemished."

sleazebuster said...
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sleazebuster said...

Thank you dad!
Your comments are always so clear and encouraging to the Japanese people.

Unfortunately, current leader, PM. Fukuda has no brain to think for Japanese citizens and I regret that he would not take any action against any one.

He would say, JDF is not allowed to go out from Japanese territory.

By the way, inside Japan, there is a huge movement against Mainichi Shibun. I suppose you have already heard about it. Anyhow, I would like you to pay attention to this issue in near future.

They have humiliated Japanese people by publishing full of lies.

Please search with "mainichi hentai"

Thanks again for your beautifule work!

Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

Watson is a fraud. He claims to be shot in the chest accusing Japans whaling fleet of attempted murder in 2008.

Make no bones about it whaling is evil-then again so is taking millions from well meaning eco folks so you can fabricate high seas drama and not do anything to stop the killing.

Johnny P said...

Musashi slays whales too...