Saturday, December 18, 2010

People of the Jewish faith in Europe: Not again!

Former Dutch European Union (EU) commissioner, Frits Bolkenstein (or Frtis Bolkestein) was quoted as saying: Jews have no future in the Netherlands and recommended that they immigrate to the US or Israel (reported by the Dutch magazine “Elsevier.” The quote: “I see no future for recognizable Jews, in particular because of anti-Semitism, specifically in Dutch Moroccans, who continue to grow in numbers.”

The hordes from the Middle East migrate to Europe, in this situation to the Netherlands. They express hate towards the Jewish population, and now the Jewish population it is suggested should leave. Huh? Would these same people blame the rape victim for being raped?

The problem is the extreme liberals and politically correct crowd in Europe have surrendered European culture to these hordes. They migrate to Europe and then expect European culture to be subservient to Middle Eastern culture, and guess what? Europe is doing exactly that! Basically attempt to turn Europe to the third-world hovel they left.

Political correctness teaches Western culture is bad, and all other cultures are better. This cultural rot and acquiescence by European have given rise to extreme right-wing groups and political parties in Europe. These groups are gaining seats in Parliaments all across Europe. This is happening to counter the Middle Eastern hordes that refuse to accept European culture.

Some of the groups / political parties:

1. Forza Nuova – Italian political party
2. Serbian Radical Party - Serbian ultra-nationalist political party in Bosnia and Herzegovina
3.Falange - fascist movement in Spain
4.National Democratic Party of Germany - far right German nationalist party
5.The Freedom Party of Austria - right-wing political party in Austria
6.ATAKA - The National Union Attack - Bulgarian far right political coalition
7.Greater Romania Party - a Romanian ultra-nationalist political party
8.National Revival of Poland – far-right party in Poland
9.National Republican Movement - French nationalist political party

Europeans should thank political correctness and extreme liberalism. However the main responsibility lies with the populace. In a representative democracy, you deserve the government you have.

If you come to the USA and state you do not like any current group in the USA, guess what? We will not ask that group to leave the USA, we will ask you to slide back to that third-world cesspool you slid out of.

We will not accept those who do not accept.

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