Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dove Chocolate and Wal-Mart, perpetrating subterfuge?

Wal-Mart sold Dove Chocolate (dark) for $3.00 for an 11 ounce bag. Recently Wal-Mart started selling Dove’s dark chocolate in a new 9.5 ounce bag for $3.48 per bag. The old bag cost 27 cents per ounce, while the new bag cost 37 cents per ounce.

Old bag: $3.00 / 11 oz / 27 cents per ounce
New bag $3.48 / 9.5 oz / 37 cents per ounce *

(* = price at Wal-Mart in Texas, October, 2010)
Dove Chocolate was the one who changed the design of the bag and reduced the amount of chocolate in the bag.  How raised the price?  Was it Wal-Mart?  Was it MARS (who owns Dove Chocolate)?  Was it a combination of both?

No matter as a result consumption will be reduced from four pieces to around one or two daily.

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