Sunday, December 19, 2010

Commie Chinese fishing trawler attack South Korean Navy

Video link showing the confrontation:

China once again sent a fishing boat into another nation’s territory. This time it was South Korean waters, near Eocheong Island, North Jeolla. The fishing vessels were met by the South Korean Navy. All but one of the commie fishing vessels scattered.

The one lone commie fishing vessel refused to leave and the South Korean Navy attempted to board the vessel. The commies fought the South Korean Navy men with metal pipes and poles. During the confrontation the fishing vessel (62 ton) purposely rammed the South Korean Navy ship (3,000 ton), causing the fishing vessel to capsize.

Resulting in the fishing crew being thrown into the waters. The fishing vessel captain was injured and taken Gunsan Medical Center at Wonkwang University Hospital, where the captain died. Also one of the fishermen was lost I the waters.

Recently a Chinese fishing vessel purposely rammed a Japanese patrol boat off Japan’s Senkaku Island. The fishing vessel captain was taken into Japanese custody only to be released later due to lunatic behavior by the commies in Beijing, China (The Middle Kingdom). The release of the captain validated commie behavior causing them to once again ram another nation’s naval boat with a fishing vessel.

Japan had a video of the incident, however refused to release it as not to infuriate the lunatics further. However a Japanese Coast Guard Chief Mate, Masaharu Isshiki (SKG38 / Sengoku38) posted the video on YouTube.

The South Koreans almost immediately released their video clearly showing the lunatic and belligerent behavior of the commie fishermen.

The belligerent behavior by Dear Leader of the Hermit Kingdom, North Korea, and the lunatic behavior by the commies in The Middle Kingdom, China once again contribute to solidifying the alliance between South Korea, the United States, and Japan – Thank you very much!

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