Saturday, December 11, 2010

Current Republican leadership, you blew it, welcome new Republicans

The current Republicans in the lame-duck Congress met with the head of the regime, President Barack Obama (Democrat). They agreed to extend the “Bush tax cuts” for another two years, in return agreed to extend unemployment benefits.

The problem is the Republicans betrayed “paygo.” This was an agreement not to approve any spending legislation unless it is paid for by revenues, not adding to the nation’s deficit (thank you China). This current bunch of Republicans just did not get the message of the recent elections.

1- Smaller government
2- Lower taxes
3- No deficit spending
4- Fidelity to the United States Constitution

Hopefully the new Republicans coming into office for the 112th Congress received the message loud and clear from the electorate.

A reminder to the new Republicans: fail to adhere to the mandate these next two years, and you too with the rest of the Republicans will be thrown out of office. Another political party will be formed thus throwing the Republicans to third-party status and on the scrap heap of history. You have these next two years to prove you heard the electorate loud and clear.

Ignore cries of bipartisanship as the Democrats have these past two years and ignore the news media. Ignore the electorate at your own peril.

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