Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blue states financial deficit, red states financial surplus

The Dallas Morning News published an article concerning the eleven billion dollar surplus the state of Texas is currently enjoying. In this article appeared a map by the Center of Budget and Policies: Rockefeller Institute from The New York Times. This map illustrated those states operating with a deficit and those with a surplus. Looking at the map most of the states operating with a budget deficit were blue states, which are states run by liberals, the Democratic Party. The most of states with a surplus are red states, which are run by conservatives, the Republican Party. Nuff said.

Nope, will not bother to state liberalism is a mental disorder.

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Jamie Caudill said...

"Liberalism" in the classic definition is a policy of capitalism with minimal intervention and no welfare state. "Democrats" aren't economic liberals. You're mixing names of social policies with names of economic policies.

All the forefathers were true liberals. If economic 'liberalism' were a disease, America wouldn't even exist. Don't confuse a classical liberal with a charlatan Democrat.