Friday, March 6, 2015

U.S. Ambassador Mark Lippert victim of South Korean hero worship

U.S. Ambassador Mark Lippert victim of 
South Korean hero worship

Seoul, South Korea United States Ambassador Mark Lippert survives an attempted assassination by a lunatic named Kim Ki-jong.  Ambassador Lippert survived the attack after being slashed by Kim Ki-jong, requiring over eighty stiches to his face.

The attacker Kim Ki-jong has been arrested and was arrested a few years ago after attempting to injure a Japanese ambassador.  Kim is said to be a member of the group “Korean Council for Reconciliation and Cooperation. 

Should all Koreans be blamed for this lunatic’s actions?  Of course not, however South Korea needs an adjustment in their culture.  It was reported Kim considered himself a self-styled An Jung-geun.  This An Jung-geun is a national hero in Korea.  Over one hundred years ago he assassinated a Japanese prime minister named Ito Hirobumi.  This murderous act made An Jung-geun a national hero. 

As long as South Korea venerates murders and assassins their citizens will attempt to mimic the murderous behavior so they too can become heroes.  Consider the USA has a hero named George Washington and school children learn he chopped down a cherry tree admitting it to his father with the line, “I cannot tell a lie.”  From this story students learn to tell the truth.  President Lincoln noted as a youth to walk miles to get books to read.  From this story learned reading is good.

Now take the hero in South Korea an assassin what do you think the youth learn form that story about their heroic citizen?             

An Jung-geun:  He is a hero in Korea for one accomplishment of his, he was an assassin.  The murderer assassinated Japan’s prime minister Ito Hirobumi in 1909.  What other nation has an assassin as their hero? 

John Wilkes Booth assassinated United States President Abraham Lincoln in 1865 in revenge for defeating the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War 1861 - 1865. 
Is the assassin John Wilkes Booth a hero in the United States?  No.
Is he a hero to the people in southern portion of the United States (the former Confederate States of America)?  No.

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Unknown said...

Lieber Herr Lippert ,

Eins hat der liebe Gott nicht gut gemacht. Allen Dingen hat er Grenzen gesetzt – nur nicht der Dummheit.

(Konrad Adenauer)

Wir sind sehr erleichtert.
Der Gott hat dein Leben geholfen. 

Es tut mir leid, dass du schwer verletzt wurdest.

Gute Besserung.

Mit Freundlichen Grüßen von Japaner