Monday, March 16, 2015

Drunken foreigners, Why I Love Japan

Drunken foreigners, Why I Love Japan

Vending machines are all over Japan.  If there is not a vending machine within eyesight, then you are not in Japan (a bit of an exaggeration to illustrate a point).  One can find any assortment of products available in the vending machines.  Vending machines dispensing adult beverages (beer) require placing a government identification card to determine legal age. 

Upon placing a Texas driver’s license, the purchase was rejected.  Apparently the machine only recognizes Japanese government identification cards.  This may cause non-Japanese to hurl an accusation of the Japanese not being friendly to foreigners.  Hooey!!!

The last thing Japan needs is drunken foreigners.  While walking a street in Dotonbori in Osaka, Japan, our group was intruded by a drunken foreigner.  We knew the inebriated man was a foreigner because he kept repeated over and over, “I’m from Sweden.”  He was an annoyance beyond recognition. 

I made many trips to Japan and traveled extensively throughout the nation.  Attended many luncheons, dinners where sake freely flowed.  Never once did I encounter a drunk Japanese.  However the only drunk in these many trips was that one foreigner from Sweden.       

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