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Dr. Robert Eldridge, a patriot for two countries

Dr. Robert Eldridge, a patriot for two countries

Dr. Robert Eldridge, “deputy assistant chief of staff of government and external affairs” a civilian employee for the United States Marine Corps in Okinawa, Japan was recently dismissed by a Marine Major General.  Dr. Eldridge taught at a university in Osaka, Japan before working for the United States Marines.  Mr. Eldridge is a distinguished gentleman and a patriot of two nations.  So why the dismissal? 

Communist instigated and inspired demonstrators in Okinawa have been protesting the relocation of a U.S. Marine base.  Recently one of the protestors Hiroji Yamashiro crossed a demarcation line and was arrested for trespassing.  Demarcation lines or barriers in Japan are respected, be they a painted line or a simple bamboo pole, Japanese refrain from violating. 

However Mr. Yamashiro decided ignore this respect and literally crossed the line.  Upon doing so, he was arrested.  Two leftist newspapers in Okinawa reported he was on the other side of the line, the safe side, when Marines grabbed him and arrested him.  It was reported Communist Party members of Japan’s parliament, the Diet, read the articles and were critical of U.S. Marine actions. 

In an attempt to expose the truth and avoid further negative reporting of the Marines in Okinawa, Mr. Eldridge released a surveillance video clearly illustrating Mr. Yamashiro did voluntarily crossed the line causing his arrest.  Claiming the release of the video was “unauthorized” the Marine Major General over Dr. Eldridge dismissed him.  Huh? 

The release of the video exposed the truth, cleared the U.S. Marines of any wrong-doing and the Marine Major General dismissed the man responsible for clearing the U.S. Marines.  This does not pass the smell test and something stinks here.          

A video showing the arrest of Hiroji Yamashiro, the 62-year-old chairman of the Okinawa Heiwa Undo Center (Peace Movement Center), caused the truth to be exposed and seems like people on both sides of the line wanted to keep that video a secret. 

Reading Dr. Robert Eldridge’s title of, “deputy assistant chief of staff of government and external affairs,” would think the release of the video was well within his job description.  Something is not only rotten in Denmark, but Okinawa too. 

Note:  The term “Something is rotten in Denmark” is a quote from William Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet.”    

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Dr. Robert Eldridge, a patriot for two countires
Okinawa protest

Okinawa protest

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