Thursday, March 19, 2015

Four mugs drive from NYC to Washington DC

Four mugs drive from NYC to Washington DC

While in New York City we drove south to Washington, DC.  Well not exactly Washington, DC but just north at the National Archives in College Park. 

While driving through Maryland we got pulled over by the Maryland State Police for speeding.  Doing 73 in a 65 mph zone.  The driver lamented to the officer something to this “I was keeping up with everybody.”  Causing me to reply, “They hear that from everybody.”  The trooper let the driver off with a written warning.

When we arrived at the National Archives is was about 30 minutes before closing.  Security to enter was oppressive.  First airport type security.  Then off to an orientation room to get photographed and issued a card.  Off to the elevators one must sign in a book.  Once on the desired floor, sign in again.  Upon leaving must sign out. 

This type of security was put in place thanks to x-rated President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary.  This was the result of a once member of the administration Sandy Berger.  It was October, 2003 when Mr. Berger entered the National Archives and stole documents thought to be damaging to the Clintons.  After this thievery the oppressive security was placed. 

A member of our team did not have his passport, so he was denied entry.  The next day he located his passport and was able to travel through the oppressive security. 
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