Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sea Shepherd, a saboteur, and the Faroe Islands

Sea Shepherd, a saboteur, and the 
Faroe Islands

Sea Shepherd announced their next mission titled “GrindStop 2014,” targeting the good people of the Faroe Islands.

Background:  The Faroe Islands located in the North Atlantic Ocean roughly between Norway and Iceland.  The people decedents from the Vikings have a unique form of whaling.  The whales swim into the Faroe Islands fjords then are guided by the Faroese boats to the beach, where the whales are harvested for free food for the islanders.  When this happens the Faroese call it “the Grind,” or a “Grind.”  Thus the name “GrindStop 2014” by Sea Shepherd. 

The Sea Shepherd floating circus plans to arrive in the Faroe Islands July and August of 2014 claiming to bring 400 to 500 volunteers.  Their goal is to broadcast to the world the whale harvesting on the beach as well as attempting to disrupt the flow of free food. 

A gentleman from the United Kingdom, named Adam on the website “gofundme” is requesting 400 Euros to finance his trip and activities to join Sea Shepherd in the Faroe Islands.  In his write-up he boasts to being a “saboteur.”  Huh?  Who announces to the world they are a saboteur?  Do the authorities in the Faroe Islands know a saboteur is attempting to raise money to visit their islands? 

The summer of 2011 “pope Paul the Watson” and his minions sailed into the Faroe Islands to video “Whale Wars Viking Shores.”  While the clowns were in port a local resident named Oli Breckmann coined the term for Sea Shepherd as being a “floating circus.”  Accurate, and spot on identifying these clowns.  Who but a clown would self-identify as being a saboteur?     

Link to website where Adam is requesting money and proclaims to be a saboteur:

Sea Shepherd “GrindStop 2014” web link:

Link to Texas Daddy store:         

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