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Dolphin lawsuit: Thank you

Dolphin lawsuit:  Thank you

Recently a lawsuit was filed in a regional court of Wakayama prefecture where Taiji is located, demanding an end to discrimination based on race and of course seeking seven million yen ($69,000) in damages.  

This is where the “Thank you” comes in:  This lawsuit proves the people in Japan they need to guard against Western style liberalism, specifically American liberalism, because it would create a litigious society eroding freedoms.  Mr. Ric O’Barry and Miss or Mrs. Sarah Lucas by filing this frivolous lawsuit provided an excellent illustration and warning of the evils of American style liberalism to the people of Japan.

Taiji, Japan is where six months out of the year dolphin gathering takes place.  It was the focus of the 2009 movie “The Cove” (starring Ric O’Barry).   Due to the movie Taiji has been harassed by the cult group Sea Shepherd’s sub-group the Cove Guardians (known as the Cove Coward Guardians) since around 2010 exploiting the issue for donations from emotional wreck suckers around the world.   

The discrimination lawsuit was filed against the Whale Museum in Taiji by two people:
Rich O’Barry, with the U.S.A. group “Dolphin Project.”
Sarah Lucas, with the Australian group “Australia for Dolphins.”

O’Barry and Lucas claim they attempted to enter the Whale Museum to view the albino (white) dolphin living at the museum.  The two were denied entry thus causing their lawsuit claiming they were denied entry because of discrimination against Western looking people.

The lawsuit is baseless and an exercise in litigious harassment.  “Western looking people” are not prohibited from entering the Museum.  Lucas and O’Barry were not permitted to enter to avoid the possibility of a disturbance.  The “save the dolphin” people have a history of disruption in and around Taiji, Japan. 

In a news article O’Barry and Lucas desire to have the white dolphin moved from the museum to a sanctuary.  Why?  Is that not discrimination?  It is wrong for the Japanese (Asians) to hold the white dolphin in captivity while it is okay for that same dolphin to be held in captivity by “Western looking people?”

It should be noted Mr. O’Barry made money from using five dolphins in captivity for the television show “Flipper,” but it is now wrong for others to make money or house a dolphin in captivity.  The excuse given is, Mr. O’Barry is now atoning for past sins.   

In an article from the Associated Press (AP) appearing the on the website “Movies Yahoo,” Mr. O’Barry is quoted saying:

“This is the largest slaughter of dolphins on planet Earth,’ said O'Barry."

If that quote is accurate then perhaps Mr. O’Barry is unaware of the 10,000 to 15,000 dolphins illegally slaughtered in Peru each year as oppose to the 1,000 to 2,000 captured in Taiji, Japan.

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