Sunday, January 19, 2014

Chris Christie the Hillary connection

Chris Christie the Hillary connection

The recent situation involving the Republican governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie has nothing to do with substance, but it all about marginalizing the Governor if he attempts a 2016 run for president.  
Prior to “bridgegate” (lane closures on the George Washington Bridge) a poll had Governor Christie leading Democrat Hillary Rotten Clinton (Hillary Clinton, “Bill’s wife”).  The George Washington Bridge issue has now become a vehicle for the Democrats, liberals, the Democratic complaint news media, the perverts in Hollywood, and the entertainment to attack and drag down the governor. 

Even Bruce Springsteen, the governor’s musical idol, joined the attack upon him.  Just before the 2008 presidential election and after Hurricane Sandy (which devastated large portions of the East Coast) Governor Christie provided President Obama (Democrat) a photo opportunity, which many evaluate as assisting the President in his reelection bid.

So how did the President say “thank you?”  He unleashed his Attorney General Eric Holder (Democrat) to investigate a supposed impropriety spending a small portion of hurricane relief funds provided by the Federal government to New Jersey.    

Further proof Democrats cannot be trusted and if you are not one of them, they are against you.

The news media (in essence is the public relation arm of the Democratic Party) is relentless is searching for the smoking gun that will tie Governor Christie directly to the lane closings in the bridge.  They will not rest till they find the evidence.  If no evidence is found, they will still blame him stating he was good at covering it up. 

It is notable watching the attack dogs in the news media dig into this story as oppose to their virtual silence on President Obama’s numerous real scandals: Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS, the NSA, and Obamacare.

Remember you cannot make nice or play patty-fingers with Democrats.


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