Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Xinjiang Uyghur's (Uighur) riot in Communist China

The Uighur's of China's western province of Xinjiang, demonstrated, turned riot, turned murder, turned mass arrest.

Xinjiang Province in Communist China was once autonomous. The region is made up of ethnic Uyghur (Uighur) who are Muslim (Islam) and speak in a Turkish dialect. In 1949 the Communist Chinese occupied the province and said the province was now part of greater Communist China. The Communist proceeded to suppress the Uyghur culture, language and religion. Uyghurs under 18 years old are prohibited by Communist law to enter a Mosque.

The Communist encouraged ethnic Han Chinese (the majority ethnic group in China) to migrate to Xinjiang Province. This resulted in the diluting of Uyghur prominence as now they are a minority in Xingjian Province. It is said Xingjian is Chinas other Tibet. Or Tibet is Chinas other Xinjiang.

Recently at a toy factory there was a disturbance between workers who are Uyghur and Chinese. Resulting in the death of two Uyghur. The Communist police refused to investigate meaningfully. The Uyghur then demonstrated demanding the Communist authorities look into the death of these two Uyghur men. The police ordered the demonstrators to disperse. They refused. Riot troops with batons and shields moved in beating the protestors. The protestors then hurled rocks, bottles, stones, and brinks. The Communist turned a demonstration into a riot.

The Communist troops then quelled the riot by firing live bullets into the crowds, killing over 150 Uyghur. In civilized societies riots are quelled using tear gas, rubber bullets or water cannons. The Commies used no such methods as they weapon of choice is the bullet.

The next day the ethnic Han Chinese rioted to attack the Uyghur. Here the commie authorities used tear gas to quell the Han while using bullets on the Uyghur. Further proof communist no matter where they are on this planet are a despicable bunch to be despised by all civilized people. A barbarian has more class than a commie!

The Communist Chinese never take responsibility for their murderous behavior. When there was trouble in Tibet, they blamed the Dali Lama. Now there is trouble in Xinjiang the communist place the Rebiya Kadeer of the World Uyghur Congress.

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I have seen many your videos. thanks for the understanding and bring up the voice of Uyghur People.

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