Monday, July 27, 2009

Commies in China upset over Australian film festival

The Melbourne International Film Festival this year seems to be a burr in the commie saddle in Beijing, China, The Middle Kingdom. Where is the Kubla Khan when we need him? Perhaps the commies should reflect on Confucius, an ancient Chinese philosopher who once said / wrote:

"When anger rises, think of the consequences."

The commies are upset over a film to be shown at the festival titled, "The 10 Conditions of Love." This is a movie about a leader of the Uyghur (Uighur) people who lives in Chinas western region of Xinjiang, named Rebiya Kadeer. Rebiya Kadeer currently lives in the United States of America (USA), and was invited to the festival for the viewing of the film.

The commies demanded Rebiya Kadeer not be invited and not to show the film. The festival organizers ignored the demands of the commies. This resulted in festival computers and website to be hacked into from hackers locked in China. Many of whom left hateful and vile comments as illustrated by the comments left on videos posted by this YouTuber.

Recently it looks as if Beijing is trying to bully Australia. Earlier this year Australian Prime Minster suggested Australia might want to consider building up their military because the Americans may no longer be able to be relied on. How true that was! With this current administration in Washington, DC (President Obama, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party, etc), it would be wise for other Asian nations to consider doing the same.

This suggestion by Prime Minster Rudd caused the Beijing government to express displeasure at such a thought. Why would the commies be upset about the Australian military built up if the commies do not have any mischief in mind? Hmmmm? This should be a wake up call to South Korea, Japan, and the Philippines to consider doing the same because of the current spineless administration in Washington who is in the process of dismantling the USA.

Could the Beijing government also be upset over Rio Tinto?

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