Thursday, July 2, 2009

Japan and South Korea supporting North Koreas missile and nuclear development?

The North Koreans basically have a depressed economy where mass starvation has become a way of life in the Hermit Kingdom. So where are the North Korean communist and Dear Leader getting the billions to develop their nuclear weapons and missile program? Good question!

In Japan there are pachinko parlors which is something between a pin ball machine and a slot machine. Many of these parlors are operated by North Koreans who send the profits directly to North Korea / Kim Jong-il. In just one year, 2005, it was estimated three to ten billion dollars were sent to North Korean communist from these pachinko parlors in Japan.

On the Korean peninsular, just north of the 38th parallel there is a town called Kaesong. An industrial park was created in this communist North Korean town, called Kaesong Industrial Region.

Many South Koreans set up manufacturing plants in the Kaesong Industrial Region. Products can be produced cheaper here than in China. It is estimated the corporate tax paid by South Korean companies to the North Korean commies / Dear Leader (Kim Jong-ill in the head), is 1.78 billion dollars.

Looking at these figures it is rather easy to see where the North Koreans are getting their money to develop their missile and nuclear weapons which threaten South Korea, Japan, and the United States of America.

So while the USA is admonishing the North Koreans for their missile and nuclear development, South Korea and Japan through the back door are financing these weapon developments. Geo politics are just plain crazy?

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