Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cap and Trade, the continued assault on America

The United States Congress, specifically the House of Representatives, controlled by the Democratic Party (the party of the left, extreme liberals) passed HR 2454, better known as Cap and Trade. This legislation will place an additional burden on the already collapsing American economy.

Conservative estimates place the additional cost per household at around $1,200 a year. It will raise the price of a gallon of gasoline to around $5.00 a gallon. Electric rates will rise 90%. There will be 400 new regulations, and 1,000 mandates. Also will place a tax of $80 to $170 per cow per year because of methane gas (bovine flatulence) released by the animal. This additional tax will be passed on to the consumer.

The Cap and Trade is masquerading as an attempt to stem the negative effects of man-made global warming, which is a hoax. Also it is being reported by many in the know, the earth is actually in a cooling period.

Here is a link to two articles exposing the true dangers of this legislation:

Meaning the true intend of this legislation is to collapse the U.S. economy. Why else would the Democrats / President Obama want to add additional cost and raise taxed when the American economy is in the toilet? To complete their leftist agenda, a socialist take over, more accurately a communist take over, they need to have a total collapse of America. No country ever went communist who had a healthy and thriving economy.

One would ask, why would Americans want to collapse and hurt America just to effect a complete communist take over? Simple answer: To liberals and Democrats their politics come before God, nation, and family. Further proof that liberalism is a mental disorder.

In the House of Representatives the vote was:

219 yes / 212 no

Eight traitorous Republicans voted for Cap and Trade, and here they are:

Mary Bono Mack California
Michael Castle Delaware
Mark Kirk Illinois
Leonard Lance New Jersey
Frank LoBiondo New Jersey
John McHugh New York
Christopher Smith New Jersey
David Reichert New York

Notice they all come from blue state controlled by the Democratic Party, the party of the left.

Incidentally the cap and trade legislation / treaty would exempt India and China the two largest polluters on earth. This is an attempt to bring the industrial nations to their knees.

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