Friday, July 10, 2009

Xinjiang riots in Communist led China, the update and perhaps correction

The Uighur's of China's western province of Xinjiang, demonstrated, turned riot, turned murder, turned mass arrest.

Previous video posted: "Xinjiang Uyghur's (Uighur) riot in Communist China."
In this video it was stated over 150 Uyghur were murdered by the commie authorities. This statement was made during a news blackout of Xinjiang Province by the Communist in Beijing. Because of this media blackout people were left to seek information from secondhand sources as the communist media could not be trusted. They are about as trustworthy as the American news media.

A few days after the riots some selected members of the foreign news were allowed in Xinjiang Province. The latest news came about after the posting of the first Xinjiang riot video. Now it was reported 156 were murdered. Of which 33 were Uyghur, while 123 were innocent Han civilians.

123 innocent Han civilians were attacked and murdered by roving Uyghur thugs. The Uyghur had a legitimate grievance against the commies, however once innocent civilians were murdered, they lost all legitimacy. The murdering of innocent civilians by a mob of angry people can not be condoned, tolerated, or accepted.

Sorry folks, I just cannot side with or accept the murdering of innocent civilians. It is wrong and any group that performs such acts negates any creditability they may have enjoyed. This posting is the result of news dated July 9, 2009. If news surfaces to prove this to be in error, well then welcome to the propaganda and media control of The Middle Kingdom, communist led China. ---- Tony ----- (aka: PropagandaBuster)

Xinjiang Province in Communist China was once autonomous. The region is made up of ethnic Uyghur (Uighur) who are Muslim (Islam) and speak in a Turkish dialect. In 1949 the Communist Chinese occupied the province and said the province was not part of greater Communist China. The Communist proceeded to suppress the Uyghur culture, language and religion. Uyghurs under 18 years old are prohibited by Communist law to enter a Mosque.

The Communist encouraged ethnic Han Chinese (the majority ethnic group in China) to migrate to Xinjiang Province. This resulted in the diluting of Uyghur prominence as now they are a minority in Xingjian Province. It is said Xingjian is Chinas other Tibet. Or Tibet is Chinas other Xinjiang.

Recently at a toy factory there was a disturbance between workers who are Uyghur and Chinese. Resulting in the death of two Uyghur. The Communist police refused to investigate meaningfully. The Uyghur then demonstrated demanding the Communist authorities look into the death of these two Uyghur men. The police ordered the demonstrators to disperse. They refused. Riot troops with batons and shields moved in beating the protestors. The protestors then hurled rocks, bottles, stones, and brinks. The Communist turned a demonstration into a riot.

The Communist Chinese never take responsibility for their murderous behavior. When there was trouble in Tibet, they blamed the Dali Lama. Now there is trouble in Xinjiang the communist place the Rebiya Kadeer of the World Uyghur Congress.


Youngjin said...

Ah, how I can see how much you hate communism and socialism, well everyone has own right to judge. its your choice.

Unknown said...

Tony, I must tell you that Han Chinese mentality is so different from others that you cannot tell things from traditional analysis based on human good and bad, or a fundamental assumption that a trained soldier is worth a million dollar.

A human life is only worth a $100 and that says all about China.

During the aggression into China by the Imperial Japanese Army, many of the war fronts were fought by the Chinese criminals who were CHAINED UP in the trenches, bunkers and fortresses, where the National Army ambushed in the row behind. Every time there were about to be sieged, they just took off the fatigue and disappeared into the sea of civilians. This is how the Chinese have been fighting in the last 3000 years, and even now.

Soon after the world blamed CCP on Tibet, there happened the earthquake that took lives of 40,000 people in Sichuan. Then the loud voices about Tibet all disappeared. Thanks to the 40,000 deaths, CCP is laughing up on his sleeve.

Now CCP is ready to spare as many lives of innocent Chinese people as necessary in order to get Tibet and Uyghur. Even if they lose a million lives of Han Chinese, It would cost less than an F22.

Even CCP Army does the guerrilla fight. This is the Chinese way of fighting. We must therefore count both innocent Chinese and innocent Uyghur death toll on CCP's murder list. I am sure CCP will kill further fellow Chinese people to collect sympathy and favor from the world about Tibet and Uyghur.

Uyghur! said...

You are right Satoshi and absolutely agree with you.

the government doesn't have a humanity..

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